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    Academic Coaching and Therapy

    You may be looking for the – “OK, now what?” or “What next” after a learning disability, ADHD, a mental health diagnosis, or even “unknown” that interferes with your academic functioning.

    Different than a tutor – as both a licensed therapist and credentialed, real classroom experienced teacher – we work together to identify the barriers to learning and academic performance.  Working with parents to discuss family history and dynamics to identify areas to support is significant source of information.

    You may want to work with me to learn to manage stressors if you are aiming for exceptional academic results. 

    Therapy combined with academic coaching will help identify deeper social, emotional, and mental health issues that contribute to difficulties in learning and academic performance including the following:

    • stress management
    • prioritizing
    • study habits and routines
    • learning strategies
    • time management
    • organization
    • communication and presentation skills
    • essay writing and exam strategies
    • self-motivation
    • focus
    • resolve
    • self-advocacy
    • self-insight 
    • goal-setting