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  • Body Image for Men and Women

    So much wasted headspace. So much wasted money. So many lost experiences.

    Too Fat. Too short. Not jacked enough. Too “this”. Not enough “that”. The constant chatter and body comparisons hurt whether you describe yourself as fat, thin, or average. Everywhere you look around there are body and food judgments. You just want to eat in peace without the comments. You want to live in a world where no one judges how you eat or your body.

    We’re constantly bombarded with messages telling us that our bodies, our looks, our age is never good enough.

    Maybe you experience a deep and secret fear, shame, and pain that unless you look perfect you won’t find love or affection. This chips away at your life every time you hear the message that fat people don’t care about themselves. Or are undeserving of love.

    I can support you on your journey to “good enough” no matter your perceived body flaw or imperfection.

    However, body acceptance is not easy.  It takes attention, intention, work, and time.  Sometimes lots of time … which is why now is the time to start.

    What to expect.

    I take an intuitive eating and Health at Every Size (HAES) approach to body image and disordered eating therapy. This means, our work together will not involve numbers such as calories, size, weight, or diet plans. Working together, we start by identifying individualized and tangible goals. Depending on your goals or needs, we may involve other licensed practitioners such as a registered dietitian or MD.

    Often, this is the first safe space you will be able to talk about your relationship to food and your body and any shame you have experienced. It helps knowing you are not alone. The community fighting body shaming and diet culture exists and is growing. To start, here are a couple of podcasts to understand my approach.

    Podcasts on eating disorders and body image:

    FoodPsyche with Christy Harrison

    Dietitians Unplugged