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  • They Say That Breaking Up is Hard to Do …

    Journal Entry … “I’m hurting.  The pain in my chest.  I cant stop thinking about her.  The things I know she would love, the jokes we shared.  The pain is gripping my chest and seems I can only go for a few seconds without thinking of her.  The relationship hasn’t been easy and it hurts more than feels good, our differences are too much.  It reminds me of how it was growing up.  Loving my family but knowing it was time to move on.  But it’s so complicated now and the pain is worse.  Will I find love again even if this wasn’t right, why do I miss her so much?” …

    If this could be your journal, the struggle is real and the following are just a few tips to work through your breakup

    5 ideas to work through a breakup

    1.  Acknowledge the pain.  While breakups are common, they are a loss and it’s OK and normal to grieve.
    2. Feeling the pain?  Breathe deeply from your belly,  deep belly breaths.  When we’re tense sad fearful and anxious we tend to breathe shorter shallow breaths.
    3. Can only think of your ex?  Plan for mind distractions.  Thoughts of your ex will initially be constant and will diminish eventually but in the meantime, prepare a list of activities to focus on.
    4. Still thinking of your ex?  Totally normal.  You’ve been doing the best you can to distract yourself all day with activities, but you still have thoughts and feelings.  Plan for writing or recording a journal where you can address and process your thoughts and feelings.
    5. Speak to a therapist – a therapist can’t fix your problems but we will be a listening and nonjudgmental ear.  It takes intention to move forward from a breakup.  A therapist can guide you, help you with goals to work through, listen to and celebrate your progress